Thursday, February 23, 2012

No-sew sequin hair clips

Here's an easy, no-sew hair clip I made for Ry-pie. All you have to do is cut and glue. So simple - because simple, is about all I can manage these days. ;)

Fabric glue
Heavy weight material for backing (I used denim)
Sequin fabric in your choice of color

First, I drew and cut out my shapes onto some paper. I used a water-soluble marker to trace my shapes onto my denim fabric. Then, I cut them out.

I traced the shapes onto my sequin fabric, and cut those out too.

I applied a thin layer of glue to my denim material, then placed the sequin fabric on top. (Sequin side facing up.)

Trim any excess fabric... fabric shapes are even.

Finish it off by gluing the back to any hair clip, and you're done!

Sweet and easy. Just how I like it.

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  1. I just found your blog and I love this project! You have so many great projects! I would love you to stop by my blog on Tuesday. I am starting a link up for awesome projects like yours in the hope that more people can discover the projects we've all made and love. The link up is especially for older projects that we feel didn't get enough attention.
    So stop by on Tuesday!


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