Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Felt flower headbands

I had made this little felt flower for a random headband that I had found. My hair's brown, so next time I would choose a different color but brown was the color of my headband at the time.

My first try on the flower was a bit too big for my headband. But perfect for Ry-pie's. Hers and hers headbands. Super cute!

For each flower:
You'll need a total of 6 felt rounds. (Any size you choose, but all the same size).
Needle and thread
Plus headband and glue to put flower on.

Take your first two felt rounds and stack them.

Take your next felt round and fold in half like this

Then fold again into quarters like this

Stitch center tip of quartered round onto center of two stacked rounds.

Repeat with remaining 3 rounds. (Make several stitches around the tips a few times, just to make sure they're secure).

My stitching in the center isn't very pretty but you won't be able to see the stitching when your done anyways.

Just fluff up a bit and you're done.

Then position and glue onto headband. (I used a cream colored ribbon headband I made for Ry-pies, and two small flowers for my headband.)

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