Thursday, February 25, 2010


Santa brought Caleb a diner for Christmas, (not a kitchen of course, that's girlie). Lol. I've been making him "food" for it ever since. One of the easiest and cutest things was...Pop-tarts!

Now I'd like to say that we don't normally have these in the house....but who am I kidding, my mother-in-law (the best) brings them little treats for Caleb. And yes, I'm guilty of indulging in them once in awhile too.

Different sheets of felt (light brown, white, and other colors)
Fabric markers
Sewing machine, thread

I just started off with two rectangular shapes of light brown felt. (You can make two pop-tarts from one piece of felt. Just cut in half lengthwise, and then again cross-wise.)

Sew around edge leaving an opening at the bottom to turn inside out.

Turn inside out and stitch closed.

Take a piece of white felt and cut out a piece that looks like this...

Then glue onto "pop-tart".

Take some fabric markers, and just dot all over the white "frosting" part for the sprinkles. I've seen other felt food like cupcakes, cookies and such, with beads stitched on for the sprinkles. But I think these look cute as is.


To make them even cuter I did the same thing as above but scalloped one corner to make it look like there was a bite taken out of it. Before I sewed the two pieces of felt together I slipped in a red piece of felt with the same scalloping as the "filling", (strawberry of course).

I'll post some more "food" projects that I've done later. Enjoy your weekend!

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