Monday, November 29, 2010

Ry-pie's Thanksgiving dress

I wanted to make Ry-pie a dress to wear on Thanksgiving. I had some cute brown with pink polka-dotted corduroy that I was going to use. I started her dress by just winging it. No pattern. No instructions. Just me, my scissors (rotary cutter) and imagination. Well my imagination went a little haywire. I think I got a little too "cutter" happy, and cut too much. I needed more fabric!

So what do I do? I head out - the night before Thanksgiving, to the fabric store to get more of that brown with pink polka-dotted corduroy. Guess what? They didn't have anymore of that corduroy! CRAP!

What to do now? I didn't really like any of the other corduroy they had, that is until I saw this adorable little owl printed corduroy!!! Jackpot!

I wasn't feeling as adventurous after getting home, so I decided to try and find a cute pattern online. The gals at Prudent Baby to the rescue! I used their snappy toddler top pattern, just adding length to make it a dress and using buttons in the place of snaps.

A little flower and some pom-pom trimming. A super cute dress for Thanksgiving....or any other time.

Come back tomorrow for the tutorial on the fabric hair flare!


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