Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tulle hair-clip

I've come to acquire a quite extensive fabric collection. Part of that collection is tulle. After making all the tu-tu's from Ry-pies Birthday party this past summer, I have a plethora of that pink fluffy stuff left over. What to do, what to do?

Make some hair accessories of course! That's what I do best! ;)

Start off with a pile of tulle.

Cut your tulle into 2" wide strips. I left mine about 6" long (I ended up trimming quite a bit off at the end so you'd be fine using a 3" long strip if you like).

Cut a small piece of felt, in a similar color. I used a square shape but it gets cut down later on anyway.

Take your tulle strip and twist the center.

Glue onto your felt piece.

Continue to twist and glue your tulle strips onto the felt piece. I'm not a fan of glue on my fingers, so I used a wooden dowel to stick the tulle into place. This of course, is totally optional.

Continue gluing all of your strips. In total, I used around 8 strips for the bottom layer.

Now for the next layer. Take another strip of tulle and fold in half lengthwise and twist at the folded part.

Glue on top of existing tulle layer.

Like a said before. I cut my strips WAY TOO LONG, so I went to town with my scissors and gave it a little haircut.

Here is the tulle with one side cut and the other side at the regular length. It's starting to take shape...

Nice and trimmed up. I felt a little like Edward Scissorhands during this process. Do I see self-cut-bangs in my future? I sure hope not.

Trim your felt so any unglued excess is trimmed off, attach to a hair clip or barrette. Glue a little jewel in the center and your finished.

I didn't love the pink color of tulle at first because I didn't think it was right for the season. But now that I look at it, it's sort of sugar-plum-fairy-ish. Totally Holiday-ish. Right?

Thanks for checking it out. I hope you make some too!

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