Saturday, December 18, 2010

Homemade ornaments

I've had every intention of sharing with you, all sorts of Christmas crafts and pretty homemade gifts I've been making. Obviously, that has happened. I blame life - not my laziness! ;)

I wanted to try and hand make a lot of Christmas gifts this year. I've done pretty good, almost finished.

Here are some cute little handmade ornaments we made for Cal J's teachers and the grandparents.

We took some white colored flannel and I had Cal J draw a picture on the front and sign his name on the back using fabric markers. I cut out a star shape, machine stitched around the star shape, stuffed it with some batting, added a ribbon for hanging and sewed shut. I used pinking shears to trim around the stitched edges.

Homemade, featuring my little guy's art. And did I mention it's simple AND easy? That's what I like about it the most!

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