Monday, March 8, 2010

Channeling Peg Bundy

So my mother-in-law has bought the baby a couple of leopard print things (like this) and every time I see this shirt I can't help but envision Peggy Bundy! So of course, I decided to play dress up....just to get it out of my system already.

The hair didn't come out like I wanted but Ry-pies hair is so dang curly it was hard to get the full effect. (Notice the comb in each shot, she would NOT let me take it from her. I suppose I should've put a bowl of bon bons in front of true Peggy fashion).

Now, all I need to complete the outfit are these. KIDDING! I would never buy these....although this Peg Bundy get-up would be cute for Halloween. Uh-oh.

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