Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TIE-dyed eggs! haha

Okay, so I saw this idea a couple months back from our best bites and have been DYEing to try it (get it, dyeing, lol). Anyways, mine didn't come out as nearly as awesome as I had expected them to, but it's still a pretty cool process.

My husband owns maybe three ties, so I had to venture out to our local Goodwill to get some cheap ones. I only got four, the cheapest i could find. (Can you believe they were charging $3.49 for some of them? Sorry, but I wasn't going to pay that for a used tie....especially one that was going to be cut and boiled).

I still plan on making more but I have to stitch the rest of the scraps together to cover more eggs. And I ran out of time cause I had to pick CalJ up from school. Tomorrow I will make more......and for some reason my husband thinks he has the magic touch and will be able to make them brighter.....we...shall...see. :)

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