Friday, July 23, 2010

Juice Freeze

So we've been lucky enough to get some rain the past few days, but before that it had been nothing but HOT, HOT, HOT! I repeat.....HOT!!! What better way to cool down then with some straight-up frozen deliciousness.

You'll need:
Juice, any kind (I used this strawberry lemonade mixture)
A glass dish
A fork

Can you handle all that? I thought so. :)

Start by pouring your juice into your glass pan.

Then just set it in the freezer for a bit (let's go with a couple hours to start).

After that time take dish out and mix around (gently) with your fork. It still should be plenty liquidy with just the outer edges freezing up.

Wait another hour or so. (Patience is a virtue my friends). Then scrape with fork. Continue doing this every so often until your mixture looks like this.

Wait another hour or so. We're almost there...PROMISE! Scrape all the frozen juicy-ness with your fork so you have a nice light icy consistency.

Then get all fancified and serve them up like this. Pretty - right? Even add a splash of booze - it's hot outside - you deserve it.

Or you can just do it the way we REALLY ate them. (No booze for this one, of course!) Either way they were nice and refreshing and a sure fire way to beat the heat!

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