Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pillow-case dress

As much as I love to sew, I've yet to venture into the clothes-making department. I bought a couple of patterns awhile back and never even made an attempt at them. I'm not that confident a sewer I guess - and I was totally intimidated. Until......THIS tutorial, from the amazing gals over at Prudent Baby.

I changed it up by using the version shownhere. Instead of ribbon, they used bias-tape. And after all the head wraps I've made, I'm a lean, mean, bias-tape making machine. They actually sell bias-tape-making-machines....oh, I should get one! But I digress.

Here is the pillow case dress (that's not even close to being made from a pillow-case), and oh so cute!!!!

That's right, baby got back! lol.

And of course I had to make the matching hair flair. That's just how I roll!!


  1. Sew, pun intended, awesome!!!! Do a tutorial on how you made the clip please! I've been eyeing those bias making machines as well but making them scares me....seems like so much work...oh please do tutorial on that!

  2. Your wish is my command! lol. I really was going to do one on the flower next week. Pictures already taken! Good idea on the bias-tape making. SO easy. And way better then buying the boring colors from the store. Cheaper too!!

  3. Adorable!!!! love the black/white dots!

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