Sunday, May 16, 2010

Freezer paper shirt

Have you ever heard of freezer paper? Well, it's awesome! And a total MUST for any "crafter" to have in their craft arsenal.

Now here's a quick run down on how I made this shirt for CalJ.
But you can also check out i am momma hear me roar, who has a great tutorial (a video one, no less) on how to make one.

The supplies:
Freezer paper (at Wal-mart for under $6)
pen or marker (for tracing)
exacto knife or sharp blade
fabric paint
cutting mat

Place your freezer paper on top of the image you are going to trace.

Trace image. I used a sharpie because I needed the thick lines to cut the outline of the tire.

Cut out your image and place onto your shirt and iron on. Be sure to replace any cut outs that you don't want to be painted, like I did with the center of the tire and the center of the letter O's.

Paint onto the stencil the parts you cut out.

Wait for paint to dry then carefully remove freezer paper. Place a towel or cloth over image and iron over once more to heat seal your graphic.

Voila'. A cute looking tee with one of my favorite sayings!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome shirt, Steph! I love it. Thanks for linking my tutorial, too. I sure appreciate it!


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