Monday, May 31, 2010

Root beer float popsicles

So I've been wanting to start featuring on Friday's some kind of desert or baked good that I've made. I really had wanted to post this on Friday, but didn't get around to it so here it is today....

I saw this a long time ago in a magazine (unfortunately, I don't remember which one...Real Simple, maybe?) and thought it looked so yummy. So me and CalJ made some. And they DID NOT disappoint!

Start off with your root beer of choice. I made regular and diet pops! Vanilla ice cream and whatever popsicle molds. (I got mine from Bed Bath and Beyond forever ago).

Fill your molds about half way full

Then top with a healthy dollop of ice cream. Carefully though, sometimes the root beer will puff up a bit.

Add just a little bit more root beer so the mold is almost completely full.


And wait.....

Maybe play a little piano or something?....

Pop 'em out and enjoy! I know he did!!!!

And naturally caffeine free! ;)

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