Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Singed flower hair clip

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make some cute singed flowers.

I had this red satin fabric from a previous craft project gone awry. I didn't think I would use it for anything else. Then I thought - the singed flower would be perfect!

First cut a lot of circles out of your satin fabric.

Next, light a candle. Take your circle and just barely touch it to the flame, moving the circle all the way around, so all the circle edges comes in contact with the fire. (You can just use a lighter but a candle is so much easier and you'll have less of a chance of burning your finger tips).

After all the singeing is completed you should have a nice group of circles like these ones.

Now take your circles and just stack them. I like to sew them into place but I'm sure gluing them would be just as fine.

Glue it onto a hair clip and you're done!

After I had finished, I thought it had a slight pin-up-y feel to it. I decided to play a little dress-up! Yay! I thought it came out pretty dang cute - if I can be so vain - heehee. It took me less then 10 minutes to make the flower and about 20 to do the hair!!! lol! It really makes me want to go buy some saddle shoes and a retro halter dress. OOOOH - and maybe get a swallow tattoo! No seriously!!!!

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