Monday, August 2, 2010

Bubble Art

So I saw this idea awhile back from Mark Montano, who is basically - amazing! I knew I had to try it out with CalJ.

The great thing is, is that you already have everything you need! And the star character is bubbles. I mean, who doesn't like bubbles, right?

Start off with:
regular old dish soap
small cups
food coloring

Mix soap and water together in your cups and add your food coloring. Use lots and lots of food coloring - you want your colors to be nice and bright.

We used the left-over table cloth cover from this post to catch any messes. It's not that it's a messy project, but with a four year old you can never be TOO careful.

Now, just start blowing your bubbles! Start off blowing the bubbles just above the rim of your cup.

Take your paper and transfer the bubbles carefully onto the paper where it will dry in the bubble form. Neat!

CalJ was great at not ingesting any of the bubbles but DO NOT turn your back away for more then 1 second or you might end up finding this. Lesson learned - don't trust a four year old. HA!

Now make some room on your fridge for your beautiful and fun bubble art - we did!

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