Sunday, August 8, 2010

t-shirt and tulle flower headband

Have you ever had a t-shirt that you've been holding onto for just a tad too long? It's not like you actually wear the thing - well - maybe occasionally, during an extremely bad clean-clothes drought. Well, that's exactly what I had. Time to dump it or burn it, right? Well, let's just up-cycle it into a new flower hair accessory. Duh!

The aforementioned t-shirt just happened to be grey. I've really been into grey lately, it might even be my NEW favorite color over green. SHOCKER! Must be the gloomy, doomy rain I guess. (And nothing against the rain of course. Rain - I love you! hehehe).

I picked up some shiny grey tulle to go with the grey t-shirt for our flower. Let's begin, shall we?

scissors or rotary cutter
sewing needle and thread
small beads
headband (or hair clip)

First start by tracing you circles onto your t-shirt. Decide how many circles you'll need. I cut out two sizes of circles, two sizes for each flower. I made three flowers for my headband so I needed three big circles of t-shirt and tulle, and three small sizes.

After all pieces were cut out I stacked the circles. Alternating between large t-shirt circle, large tulle circle, small t-shirt circle, small tulle circle.

Hand sew in center of each flower until secure.

Then add beads until they are secure as well.

Now, arrange your t-shirt/tulle flowers to your desired look.

Cut out a piece of felt. **If you will not be putting these on a headband just glue one flower straight onto your hair clip, and you're done**

Glue your flowers onto felt piece, trimming excess felt if necessary.

When finished, glue second piece of felt to the bottom of the felt piece that the flowers were just glued to. Leave a thin strip unglued (wide enough for your headband to slide through, if using) down the center of the felt. Just slip your headband through the unglued part and...READY!? You're done. Go wear it - you know you want to!

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  1. Love it!! I purchased similar looking earrings in Buenos Aires for a heck of a lot more. I envy your creativity :)


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