Wednesday, September 8, 2010

muffin wrappers

We recently just went through a departmental change at my work. I had a great group of "girls", or "my girls" as I fondly called them, that I worked with. We were split up. I was moved into a group with a whole new set of girls. They have been so incredibly warm and welcoming that I wanted to do something nice to show them how much I've appreciated their kindness.

I didn't do anything fancy. I just got some store bought muffins (thank you Costco), and added a cute little wrapper to them. Now if I had a Cricut or even a Silhouette I would have been able to knock these little wrappers out in a jiffy. But I'm not that fancy, so I just went old-school and used decorative cutting scissors. Results = just fine.

I started off with the larger size scrapbook paper and measured my margins and drew a line accordingly.

After that, I made cuts along both lines so my decorative edge would be on both long sides.

Then I used some double-sided tape to attach each end piece together. (You may want to double check around one muffin to make sure the width is big enough to fit around your muffin).

Then just pop your muffin into the wrapper and your done. Simple but with an extra cute little twist.

So even though I miss "my girls", I'm excited to have a new set of females that I may be able to call "my girls" too.

Oh, and did I mention my new supervisor loves cherries? She does. Coincidence? I don't think it hurts to suck-up....just a little bit. ;)

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  1. Wow! I know where you're coming from! Love it....Something so simple, yet so classy with that little ummmphhh of effort! Not to be cliche, but it's kind of like taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary.


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