Saturday, September 4, 2010

gone crazy...

Before I had children I always knew I wanted to have at least two kids.....Boys that is! But after having CalJ I totally changed my mind and just knew I wanted a girl too. Secretly, I think I changed my mind about having a girl because CalJ had SO MUCH hair! I mean a ton. I always thought how great it would be to have a girl and play with her hair. Well, we all know that I hit the jackpot and had my sweet Ry-pie, and fortunately her hair did not disappoint. She has a ton too! And curly. Man, is it curly.

I'm not actually sure why or what possessed me to do it - but I did. I straightened her hair! What'd you say?! Yes, I'm almost ashamed to admit it but I straightened my 14 months old daughters hair!!! I. Have. Officially. LOST IT! Lol. No babies were harmed in the process. And she actually seemed to enjoy it. I have a monster in the making. She's obsessed with shoes, loves her toe-nails painted, and now, likes here hair blown out. My poor husband!

And I guess I shouldn't be totally surprised by my actions, I have gone a little loopy with Ry-pie before. Remember this?

I couldn't actually straighten her hair perfectly. But I did the best I could. Here she is, my 1 year old with her hair straightened (sort of). Now, if I buy her a flipper or give her a spray tan, please feel free to slap some sense into me. Thanks!

Is it just me or does this picture remind anyone else of Justin Timberlake playing Robin Gibb on SNL? Another possible Halloween idea perhaps?!

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