Monday, October 18, 2010

ghosts and jack-o-lanterns

Start off with washed and dried pears and apples. Any type you choose.

Melt a bag of white chocolate chips and stir until smooth.

Dip pear and coat using a spoon or spatula if needed until completely covered.

Place on wax paper and put in fridge to harden.

Take remaining melted white chocolate and mix in a couple drops of yellow and a couple drops of red food coloring.

Yellow + Red = Orange. ;)

Take apple and dip into orange chocolate.

**I should have re-melted my chocolate a little bit before dipping my apple because the chocolate had started to solidify and didn't give me that smooth look. My bad. Luckily, these are for CalJ - and I assure you, he won't/didn't mind one bit. Ha!

Place about a half cup of milk or semi-sweet chocolate in bowl and melt.

Place in bag and snip off a tiny bit off of one corner of the bag.

Slowly and gently squeeze out chocolate to make your ghost and jack-o-lantern faces.

OOOOoooooOOoooooo. I made these while CalJ was in school and he was quite pleased with his little treat when he got home.

I can't remember when, but I originally got this idea from a Martha Stewart Living mag a few years back. Oh how I love her.

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