Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to alter a stained t-shirt...

I was going through some of Ryan's summer clothes the other day and stumbled across this little number. I noticed a little stain towards the bottom of her top (a highlighter maybe?) The rest of the top was in great condition and I really liked it, so I thought how can I remedy this? Elastic to the rescue!

I drew a line with my (eraseable) marker along the bottom of her shirt - where the stain was.

I cut off the portion that I had marked.

Keep in mind the length of your child and the amount you cut off the shirt. If the top is already short on your child it may be WAY too short after doing this. If that's the case go find a dress and use this technique on that instead. Easy!

I serged all the way around the bottom hem. If you don't have a serger just fold and iron 1/4", then fold and iron again 1/4" and sew to create a hem.

Since I serged mine, I just folded over once and sewed to make the hem.

Now measure around your little ones waist, and cut the elastic to that measurement.

Take your elastic and place 1/2" up from your hem. Hold the elastic down by lowering your needle into the elastic and the material. Start sewing the elastic - keeping it fairly tight but with some slack.

You probably won't use all of the elastic that you cut based on your child's measurements - and that's perfect! You don't want it to be too loose. On the other hand you don't want to have pulled the elastic too tight and used too little, otherwise the elastic may dig into your little one's belly.

When you're all done it will look something like this!

And there you have it. A quick and simple solution to fix a little blemish on an otherwise perfectly adorable top.

She loves it! Although after her summer treat, I might have a whole new set of stains to deal with!!

Thanks for checking it out!

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