Monday, July 25, 2011

Braided-trim tank

Here is a cute little tutorial for a tank I made Ry-pie. The braided-trim adds a fun touch.

I started with a little camisole of Ry-pie's. I folded the cami in half and placed the folded cami on top of the material I was cutting. (Be sure that your fabric is also folded along the same side as the folded cami). Cut two pieces.

I used a cotton knit for this tank. If you had an old t-shirt to use that would be great too!

This cami was a touch snug on Ry-pie so I added an inch to the length and the sides. I also made the straps thicker so it would be a tank instead of a cami.

You should have two identical pieces of your cut fabric. One front and one back.

Place the tank pieces right side together and sew or serge along the sides and the top of the shoulder straps.

Turn your tank inside out.

Next, cut out strips of the same fabric for your braided trim. I just measured around the arm-hole and the whole neck-line and added 1 1/2" to the measurement. Each strip was 1" in width.

Take three strips (of the same length) and secure them together with a safety pin. I pinned them to my jeans so I'd be able to braid them up real fast. Braid the pieces together.

Take your braided strip and pin it around whichever opening the braid is for. Pin it so the edge of the braid is flush with the opening of the tank.

Sew your braid to the tank. Try and sew as careful as you can down the center of the braid - making sure you catch the tank with each stitch.

When you're all done it should look like this.

All done!

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