Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chocolate bats and ghosts

I made some cupcakes for the cake-walk at Cal J's school carnival this week. I used store bought cake mix, and store bought icing. Since I took the easy way out on the baking, I wanted to adorn my box-mix cupcakes with something cute and clever. Chocolate bats and ghosts!

Here's what I did.

I drew several bats on a piece of paper. My artistic skills are lacking, but they looked enough like bats that I went with it.

I just placed a sheet of wax paper over my stenciled bats, which was sitting on an inverted cookie sheet.

I melted chocolate and placed it in a plastic sandwich bag (which I cut a very small hole at the tip) and traced around the stencil. Then I filled in the whole bat with chocolate so the whole stencil was covered.

I placed in the fridge until they had firmed up and placed on my cupcake.


For the ghosts. I just free-handed a (sort of) apostrophe shape.

Then filled it in.

Added some arms...

..two eyes and a mouth, (using the chocolate from my aforementioned bats). Refrigerate, then decorate.

...and done again.

It's almost Halloween. Are you ready?

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