Thursday, October 13, 2011

a new blog post!?!?!

Wow! It's been way too long since I've shared anything with you all. To be honest, "crafting" just hasn't been in the cards for me these days. My brain is exploding with a million ideas, but it's in my mind where they sit. That is until I can figure out how to balance some things. :)

Little Shelby is doing great. She'll be 8 weeks on Friday! 8 weeks!?! Where has the time gone? In other why-I'm-not-crafting-much-these-days news. We're moving!!! Next month we'll be leaving New Mexico, the only state I've ever known, for an even bigger one. Montana! I'm getting really excited for the new experience, but nervous of the thought of being away from all our family and friends. I've been a teeny bit preoccupied with organizing/purging all of our crap for the move. Plus getting the house in tip-top shape for sale has been a bit time consuming. I have a few projects that are waiting to be posted. We'll see if I can actually get to them. haha.

Now that I feel (some-what) caught up with things. Here's a simple tutorial for a flower hair-accessory - made from one of Ry-pie's t-shirt's.

I have a weird obsession with crying baby photos. I think they're adorable! hehe

Start by cutting out several circles. I used 8 large circle and 6 small circles.

Stack 2 large circles and 2 small circles like shown.

Place your "stack" on top of 2 large circles like this.

Next, take a needle and thread - and sew through your "stack" making sure you sew through the two bottom circles as well. (Sew a few times through the center of your "stack" to secure).

Fold your just-sewn "stack" in half so it's in a half-moon shape.

Take your next "stack" and place in the center of the 2 main circles.

Sew this "stack" the same way you did the first one.

Fold into a half-moon shape and continue the same steps with your third and final "stack".

Boom! You're done.

Just slap onto a barrette and that's it.

Finish it up by placing it onto a headband like this. I made a single braid headband for Ry-pie's.

Those are tears of joy by the way. They must have really loved the hair-flair. Ha!

Even cute as a sleep accessory.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great day!

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