Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabric petal headband (for Halloween)

Halloween is two weeks away. Do you have your costume ready? I'm still debating what the girls are going to go as. Cal J wants to be iron man. Ugh. Instead of stressing out about what to make (and or buy), I made Ry-pie a Halloween headband.

I used a camera lens as my template for the circles that need to be cut out.

I cut out 12 circles total. 4 of the orange, and 8 of the polka-dot fabric.

Take 1 circle and fold in half.

Shape in half, so the corners meet. This will cause the curved edge of your circle to turn upwards a bit. It should resemble a petal shape.

Take a needle and thread and sew through the corners which are touching.

Follow the same steps for your next circle (alternating colors if you wish), and sew, so it's attached to the previous petal.

After your petals are done and attached, it will look something like this. I chose to layer the petals so they cascade down sort of haphazardly. You could easily sew the petals together in a round shape so they resemble a flower instead.

This is how it looked from the underside. After that, I just attached it to a felt piece and then glued it onto the headband. Clearly, this is not limited to Halloween, there are may different color combo's you'd be able work with.

So cute and festive.

If all else fails, she can just wear this for Halloween, right?

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