Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sequin onesie

My brain has been oozing with onesie ideas for Ry-pie but I've been totally slacking on getting them done. Here's the first installment of my onesie revamp.

This can be pretty time consuming. The perfect time for tackling this was after the kids went to bed and I was watching t.v.

Various sequins (sizes and colors to your liking)
hand sewing needle and thread
disappearing ink pen

First, I drew the image that I wanted to appear on my onesie.

I took the needle and threaded the sequin. To really secure the sequin to the onesie you can pull the needle up through the sequins once. (I took these pictures on a onesie that I didn't draw my picture on).

then down over one side of the sequin

then up again through the same sequin hole and down on the other side

so it will look like this

Did that make sense? I hope so, because it was kinda hard explaining. Do this, outlining your entire picture. And continuing on the inside of your graphic. (Alternating colors if you wish).

The sequins can be threaded real tight and close together or a little haphazard like mine.

Intsa-bling for baby!

And a little bootie-bling too!

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