Saturday, April 3, 2010

Total failure!

I borrowed this cute little clay rabbit face and paw set from a friend of mine so CalJ and I could decorate a little bunny cake for Easter. I had my pastry bag out, my cake decorator tips ready and my frosting waiting.....and of course, the cake!

I cut the cake (a heart shaped kind) in half and glued the pieces together with the frosting. Then iced over the entire cake. I then used my star decorator tip to make the "fur". Before I had even finished icing all the "fur", it started to lean. I grabbed the face/paw set and slapped them on so I could take a couple pics.

Doesn't he look sad? He must have known what was coming!

At least Caleb was psyched. We dug into the cake tonight rather then wait for tomorrow. No way was I going to take that cake anywhere looking like I don't even think it would've made it to tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. yummmm...i actually miss celebrating Easter...

    hope you have loads and loads of sulfurous hard boiled eggs!




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